dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

BBQ on the island of Guam

Door: Freek

BBQ is very populair all over the world, that's for sure.
Almost every country has his own BBQ specialities, techniques,
local ingredients and recipes.
On the island of Guam, BBQ also is a beloved occupation.

One of my followers is Rueben Olivas, he lives on Guam and is the owner and designer of his great site BBQ Guam.
I can recommend everyone to visit his site, it is a must for food and BBQ lovers!!

Currently, Rueben is with the Guam Fire Department (since 1986).
Previously he was a police officer in California for about 8 years, Marine Corps for 3 years and California Division of Forestry for 2 fire seasons.
And yes... Rueben loves BBQ!

At the Fire Department, Rueben cooks a lot and his colleagues appreciate it very much, who wouldn't! (take a look at: Guam Firehouse Cook)

For those who have never heard of the island of Guam, it is an island located
in the western Pacific Ocean and it's territory of the United States.

Recently I was the 10.000th visitor on Rueben's site.
(I follow Rueben very frequently of course :-)

I talked to Rueben about it just for the fun and he thought it would be a great idea to reward it with a special gift, he promised me one of his secret homemade rubs, "Rueben's rub"!!
Now, I was getting very curious, I wanted that rub very much, wanted to try it out of course!

Until now I haven't used his rub but will soon give it a try and make a great blogpost of it.
I will write this in English so that Rueben, his followers and everyone else in the world can read it.

Thanks Rueben, keep up the good work with your websites and greetings over there!!
Soon I will write a blogpost about your secret rub :-)

Greetings from your friend from the Netherlands,


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  1. Wow!! Freek, you are too kind. Great post. I really appreciate it. But I want to remind all your followers about the 3 B's of BBQing....
    BBQ great food,
    BBQ with great friends
    and BBQ and drink ICE COLD BEER!!!!
    It doesn't get any better than that.
    Adios from Guam...


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